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BrightGuide Africa

Strategic communications
in Africa

What We Do

We believe in the power of good comms to help build

a better world.

Our clients’ missions include climate change, environmental protection, anti-slavery, mining for development, anti-corruption, economic reform, tax, customs and trade facilitation.

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Communications Strategy

We’re problem-solvers. We believe in co-designing strategic solutions. We like to work with teams, not for teams. We bring our experience on what works and what doesn’t to help your team more clearly and effectively communicate your key messages.


Copywriting & Research

We are writers, editors, information synthesizers and big-picture thinkers. We produce polished, highly readable press releases, blogs, op-eds and newsletters for our clients. We conduct research to deliver actionable insights and reports for your sector.

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Dynamic Content

We’re convinced that strategic communication doesn’t have to be boring. We love to take your technical and complex material and make it accessible and fun through Messaging Workshops, Digital Campaigns, Engaging Online Events, Social Media Management, Content Creation and more.


BrightGuide Africa’s core team is small and dynamic. We’re highly educated, culturally thoughtful and bring a wealth of academic and professional experience to the table. Our operational strength lies in combining our international perspective with our love for the African continent – both in its complexity and its potential.

Jessica Van Onselen

Managing Director

Jessica is a communications strategist and business founder. She is most excited by work which contributes to a fairer world. For clients, her very distinct approach to strategy is woven with several threads: trust in the power of clear messaging; her ability to navigate high complexity or multi-stakeholder operating environments; and her delight in the fizz of modern digital channels. Over the last 15 years, Jessica has worked with governments, CEOs, Boards and leaders on communications and political risk assignments in more than a dozen African countries.

Jessica was raised in Johannesburg and educated at the University of the Witwatersrand. She is devoted to the arts in all forms – dance to theatre to film to symphonies to trance music to fine art to poetry, you name it. She plays a lot of Tetris, and recently rediscovered the joys of ten-pin bowling.

Richard Flockemann

Senior Consultant and Director

A highly versatile communications consultant and writer who probably owns too many pairs of headphones, Richard delights his clients by synthesizing evidence and dense information into something accessible and memorable for their intended audience.

Richard’s areas of expertise include governance and human rights issues, such as modern slavery, trade, and anti-corruption. He is most excited about bringing research to life through his writing by foregrounding what is intriguing, relevant, and actionable.

Amy Harris

Senior Consultant

Amy is a Zimbabwean communications professional whose thoughtful approach to marketing and visibility is informed by her multicultural experience living and working on three continents – Africa, North America and Europe. She focused her post-graduate degrees on the intersection between international development and business, with an emphasis on communication strategies in Africa and the role good comms can play in sustainability and impact.

Across her career, including work in development, trade, mining, agriculture and climate, Amy has honed her skills in delivering technical messages to target audiences in ways that are memorable, engaging and fun.

Amy Harris

Nick Lancaster

Communications Associate

Nick specialised in contemporary African politics across his BA and MSc and has a research background in the social sciences. He has worked in social innovation, policy research, and the charity sector and is experienced in developing social media and communications strategies. He particularly enjoys transforming complex content into compelling narratives that help to drive change.

Nick is also a big football fan, and he spends most of his time outside of BrightGuide watching Liverpool win.

Our Promise

What we offer to our clients

  • A flexible, blended team
  • A consultative and integrated communications strategy
  • Powerful and focussed key messages
  • A lively, engaging and responsive social media presence
  • Polished, highly readable press releases, blogs, op-eds and newsletters
  • Reliable and competent project management
  • Meticulous knowledge management
  • Smoothly run and well organised events
  • Access to our network of comms professionals in Southern African countries

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