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BrightGuide Africa

Strategic communications
in Africa

BrightGuide Africa is a very particular sort of consultancy focussed on a very particular place – strategic communications in Africa. We understand you want a partner you can rely on to consistently deliver outstanding work. You’re in safe hands.

What We Do

Our niche is mining, trade and reform in Africa.

Words you might associate with our work are tax, customs, revenue and economic reform, governance, anti-corruption, political risk analysis, trade facilitation and institutional strengthening.


Visibility Strategies

We use communication and visibility strategies to help donors, companies and governments in Africa connect with target audiences.


Due Diligence

We conduct research and produce due diligence to deliver actionable insights to the business intelligence community.


Research & Storytelling

We turn your reports and data into compelling stories and insights, using our exceptional research and writing skills. Our team brings their expertise in trade facilitation, mining, economic reform and political risk in Africa to deliver quality and impact.


BrightGuide Africa’s core team is small and dynamic. We’re highly educated, culturally thoughtful and bring a wealth of academic and professional experience to the table. Our operational strength lies in combining our international perspective with our love for the African continent – both in its complexity and its potential.

Jessica Van Onselen

Managing Director

Jessica specialises in advising governments, companies, donors, organisations, and institutions on communications and visibility strategy. A curious and analytical thinker, writer and researcher, she is also the host of the geopolitics podcast, The Commute. She has worked extensively in mining, political risk, tax and economic reform in Africa.

Richard Flockemann

Research and Reporting

He is a highly qualified researcher and writer, with a PhD in Philosophy, and an undergraduate degree in Journalism.

Richard specialises in reports on politics, trade facilitation, and anti corruption. He excels at turning research into elegantly structured, engaging and accessible copy.

Amy Harris


Holding post-graduate degrees in Communications and Business from Grand Valley State University, United States, Amy’s experience is in strategic communications, research, report writing for trade facilitation, creative design, social media, project management and marketing. At BrightGuide Africa, Amy combines that experience with a keen eye for detail, interest in sustainable international development and love of compelling storytelling.

Amy Harris

The Commute

The Commute is a podcast for South Africans, at home and across the world, who are interested in ideas and questions and what they might mean for South Africa.

Hosted by Jessica Van Onselen, Managing Director of BGA, The Commute is a great way to keep your ears company during your taxi/ car/ aeroplane/ bicycle/ train commute. Designed to provide a high value explainer from experts, The Commute gives you, the smart South African, the big ideas in small bites.

Season 1 (2018) and 2 (2019) available right here, or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Season 3 coming in 2021.

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