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Kenya flag

3 Rs in Kenya: why Cut + Paste doesn’t work for Comms

Guest blog by Celia Breuer This blog looks to unpack the ‘3 Rs’ in Kenya – why cut + paste doesn’t work for Comms campaigns. Along with much of the world, we have been following the developments at COP26 with baited breath. But while we wait to see exactly what

two bright tips for your under-performing communications

Two Bright Tips for your under-performing communications

by Jessica Van Onselen, Managing Director, BrightGuide Africa Are under-performing communications driving you nuts, but you don’t have the time to sort it out? This is one of the biggest problems I see in my job, and I have a message for all you leaders and managers out there who oversee

common communications mistakes

Communications strategy: 5 common mistakes

by Jessica Van Onselen, Managing Director, BrightGuide Africa One of the things I do is work with organisations, companies, and donors, on getting a kick-ass communication strategy in place. Sometimes in Africa, sometimes in the UK and other countries. Particularly in technical or niche areas – often reforms. I also work